Your smile is my coffee
Your walk strums the harp strings
Your shadow guides my light
Your voice is the soundtrack of my night

As my soul wanders, I encountered yours
Once in a while we find ourselves lost
In the rhythm of life we played the notes
But we somehow drop the beat to a part unknown

Sorry, thank you, I love you
And many other words I wished you knew
You’ll never know how much my heart screams please
And maybe I’ll never know how much you tried to have that peace

We both listen to our heartbeats, to their breaking
Spitting lies of “I’m fine” and “Don’t worry”
My fingers never fitted yours in the beginning
We always meet with a promise of leaving

I took a shot and missed the point
You are not a question, there’s no yes or no
Though I know we were always meant to end
Still, I needed my heart to mend

Time has come to stop sipping coffee
Close my ears to the sound of harp strings
Bring my flashlight to be my guide
Listen to a real song someday I’ll find

Maybe we were never meant to start
We’re always better when we’re apart
I’ll take it from here as I’ve done my part
I’ll seal my goodbye with a lonely smile

PS: I had second thoughts whether to post this or not. Kaso narinig ko na yung go signal. So here it is. Sorry if it’s so sad. Naalala ko yung sinabi sakin ng friend ko. “Kapag malungkot ka, doon ka mas nakaka-isip ng tula o kanta. Para bang lahat ng love song sinulat para sayo.” Siguro nga mas madaling magsulat pag malungkot.


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