I sat there at the corner of your mind
Wondering if my existence is real
I tried slipping in your thoughts
Wishing it would make you see

What I have been hiding all this time
Words I wish you would hear
Through the silence of a beating heart
And the cascades of cold violent winds

How hard could it be
We’re blinded by our entropy
Sleeping’s a dragging task to me
Kept my eyes open so maybe I would see

My love is a kaleidoscope
And yours a fire languishing my hope
I keep on walking through tight ropes
Finding the balance of being near and far, which I cannot cope

I rather hear your excuses
Than to know the truth why you chose another
But with reality I am always one step closer
So I tried closing my eyes with lies which is better

Could there be more in this game we call gravity
When all we do is fall apart in the same dealing
Of losing and being lost in scores we’re keeping
I’m dying to get over this continuous leaving

Shut all the doors, keep it high, all these walls
And for the last time, you held my hand in full
In your mind, you took me to the end of a tunnel
Finally, I see the answer to my unending call


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